Advantages of Getting Foam Installations Done

There are a lot of times when people feel very daunted by the prices and commitment that is involved in getting a foam insulation done in their house. Although it may be a bit on the expensive side, there are a couple of benefits of this particular form of insulation which you will understand as you start doing your research for different materials involved and what not. In case you were thinking of getting it done but haven’t been able to do so, we would like to inform you all that spray foam insulation tends to leave every other form of insulation behind despite being so expensive.

Essentially, a spray foam insulation is made out of two composite materials i.e. isocyanate and polyurethane. When the two are combined and react chemically their combination expands and also hardens once it is exposed to air. For the purpose of installation, the substances are sprayed on to the walls with a spray gun to form that protective layer. With that being said, following are some of the advantages of getting it done, check them out below.

Strong Insulation Material

Foam insulation is quite powerful because the material expands as soon as it is exposed to the air which helps in forming an air tight seal that locks all the crevices without really leaving anything. According to the resistant values, a spray foam insulation stands at R6 which is highest ranking of materials till date.

Moisture Resistant

Since walls and attic spaces tend to have cracks or holes in the wall, or even the crawl space, there is a lot of chance that the moisture will find its way into such space and seep into the walls. However, with spray foam insulation done right, there is no room for moisture to be there because everything gets sealed perfectly.