Developers Finally Making Money Through Amazon Alexa Skills

Amazon is one of those companies that are actively trying to ensure both the consumers, as well as people who are working under Amazon are being given benefits in one way or another. They have done this time and again by releasing some great features.

After Amazon finally introduced their amazing AI named Alexa, it started doing the right thing, which was inviting the 3rd party developers in order to come and develop for the platform. The developers responded back nicely, because of how lucrative the platform was. In the start, there were only 130 Alexa skills, but just after a 5 months, the same number reached a 1,000. From that point, the success was evident as the number kept growing, and at the moment, the number of Alexa skills is standing at 40,000.

There is no denying that the developers have embraced Alexa with open arms, but many say that the growth in the Alexa skills is largely because of faith and not because of the opportunities that it provided.

However, things are changing from this moment onwards. That is because Amazon has announced an availability in the US for in-skill purchasing. This means that the creator of the particular skill will be able to sell content to Alexa users. This content can be in the shape of one time purchases, as well as monthly, and yearly subscriptions. The entirety of transaction will be handled within the skill through voice on a device such as Amazon Echo, or any gadget that supports Alexa. For every sale made, Amazon will collect 30 percent of the total, and give the remaining 70 percent to the developers.

In addition to that, Amazon is also introducing ability for people who sell real goods as well as services to get their payments through Alexa using Amazon Pay services.

The slew of new features has been in demo mode since November, and are already being used in a number of games as well as premium audio services. Amazon is slowly going to announce more services using these features as well.

Of course, most of the Alexa developers have been asking Amazon for ways to make money, and with this step, we can say that Amazon is finally facilitating the developers even more than they have before. Slowly, these features will start rolling out to a lot of other apps as well.

With companies putting more and more restrictions on developers using their features, as well as their code, Amazon is making sure that the complete opposite is being done. Amazon has always been the company that has done the most for the users, and this is no different as the company is ensuring that everything is being done properly.

With AI slowly taking over the online world, and developers finally being able to make money using Alexa skills, it is going to be interesting to see where this whole direction leads, and what the world is given through Amazon Alexa.