Fixing/Clearing Your Blocked Drain

Your sewers and drains are not going to continue working smoothly all the time, with time, they do tend to develop problems, and in the worse possible case scenario, then end up being blocked and need to be unblocked and cleaned out. They can be blocked either because of a large foreign object being lodged inside, or because of regular buildup that might have occurred overtime. Fixing/clearing your drain is very important and should not be something that should be delayed as it can lead to plumbing issues and other problems for you later on.

Now, none of us really finds the idea of clearing our drain manually to be appealing, which is why there are thankfully other options now. You can choose to do them yourself, or hire professionals to do it for you. Plumping snakes, like the name suggests are long, and comparatively thin pipes/clearing equipment that can be used to deal with minor clogs and small intrusions that might be present in your drain. They are easy to use and can alert you in case there might be a larger problem or foreign object in your drain since they will not be able to remove it.

Your best possible option, however, is to use a hydro jet. A hydro jet or drain jetting, is a process that involves using highly pressurize water into breaking down the blockage. The high pressure water is released through a nozzle which is present in a long hose. The pressure is created by pumping the water through a specialized pump or machine. This is not a simple process and it requires safety gear as well, so it is strongly recommended to have a professional carry out this process for you, and you can be assured that you will have a clear drain by the end of it.