How Facebook is Taking AR to The Next Level

AR or augmented reality is the next big step in technology as many would actually agree. Sure, at this point, it is safe to say that with the VR’s future looking a bit different, many would believe that investing in AR might not be a good idea after all, but if you look at how companies are working in making the AR work, you would understand.

One such company happens to be Facebook who is doing their best to take the AR to the next level, and in doing so, they are also succeeding. Considering how Facebook has already introduced AR to its news feed as well as Instagram, and messenger, the company is heading towards having the biggest augmented reality platform in the tech industry.

Last year, Zuckerberg announced Camera Effects Platform at the F8, and the entire concept of AR being used by Facebook is based on that. The working of this concept is rather simple. You just have to use your phone’s camera through the Facebook app and you will be able to interact with digital items that are on the real world. For instance, selfie filters happen to be the prime example of this; imagine the dog face filter, but with the ability to add virtual steam to your coffee mug, or something like that.

It all began with Facebook’s own camera, however, the third party AR filters are finally coming out the rest of the Facebook apps – this include Instagram as well as Messenger. This week at Facebook’s F8 keynote, the company showed off a new filter that focused around a Pomeranian pup as well as some hearts, making it one of the nicest looking filters that people would be able to use.

While a lot of people think that augmented reality does not have a future and are comparing it with the weird market that the VR has been suffering from, it is necessary to keep in mind that Facebook is definitely trying to do things differently. Let’s not forget that the AR market at this point is certainly in the immature stage, and despite being around for some time, it is still finding more ways to grow.

The reason why the Facebook AR situation looks a lot more hopeful than you might believe is because Facebook, as a company, has a lot of resources, and enough management, and expertise to keep the AR future afloat. As you can see, the company is already hard at work, making AR a better, more approachable variable for everyone, it is only a matter of time when AR finally becomes more approachable, as well as more mature for everyone to properly use.

Whenever that happens, it would be fun to see how the market reacts. As for now, we are certainly aware of the fact that augmented reality is on the road to become the next big thing. How soon that happens is still on the fence, but it would be interesting to see.