Koss Porta Pro Wireless Review

When it comes to brilliant audio companies, you find a lot of them in the market. Koss is just one of them. As a company that has created a legacy around some of the finest audio products, it is safe to say that Koss is playing straight, and they mean business to say the least. Today, I take a look at the Koss Porta Pro Wireless – a classic remake of one of the most revered pair of headphones from Koss. Is the pair still as good as it was a few years ago?

Not a lot has changed as far as the design is concerned, and honestly, looking at these on-ear headphones takes me back to Star Lord’s headphones from the Guardians of the Galaxy; this is not necessarily a bad thing, but was it really needed? Considering how the design is among the most subjective of choices. So what exactly are we looking at? Well, let’s find out if the Koss Porta Pro wireless is a hit or a miss.

Let’s start the review by talking about comfort because that is one of the most important things about any pair of headphones, or earphones for that matters. Whether you are talking wireless, or wired; if a pair of headphones is not comfortable, it simply is not worth it, and I am serious about that. Thankfully, the comfort level of the Koss Porta Pro wireless is among the best I have experienced, and that is a great addition, because otherwise, this whole outlandish experience with these headphones would have been a dud.

The sound quality on the headphones is another strong point as it remains one of the best sounding headphones you can get. All the frequencies are nicely detailed with no single frequency overshadowing the other. It is the perfect blend that feels great whenever you sit down to listen to some quality music. It couldn’t have been better than what it is.

Design and build quality are also positively and nicely done; as the headphones can collapse, and can be easily carried. The build quality itself is great, and I can assure you that your headphone will not be breaking. To top it all off, you also get a protective carrying case that should protect your headphone against bumps.

With all the good things aside, I have to talk about how the blinking Bluetooth light is annoying. In addition to that, the headphones leak sound due to their on-ear nature, and the remote control just feels out of place to be honest. Last but not the least, the battery as well as the remote control keep dangling from the headphones, making them look strange.

All in all, the Koss Porta Pro wireless is a decently priced headphone with good value for money, but some odd design choices make it look like it does not belong with the rest of the bunch that is available in the market. If only it wasn’t for the odd design.