What a Starter Needs to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a person who is switching from smoking to vaping or are a complete newbie at both of them, you have come to the right place as we will be talking about electronic cigarettes. There are various methods of vaping but we will only be concentrating on e-cigarettes which are pretty popular amongst people and have become a new trend.

For our electronic cigarette guide, we will be discussing all the basic information that you need to know. You might be excited to try out e-cigarettes but we would advise you to hold on and read up as much as possible so that you do not regret your purchase later on.


There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are far better than traditional cigarettes as they are free of tar and other harmful chemicals that can be found in the original ones. It contains nicotine but not in the same amount which is why it is often considered to be better for health.


There are many types of e-cigarettes with the most common being disposable, cigalike and tanks (refillable e-cigarettes). If you choose tank systems, you should research about the different types of refills. Starters have this notion that they should buy disposable ones so that if they do not like it, they can just throw them away without much regret. The problem is that disposable e-cigarettes are not of good quality so you would not get the real experience of vaping that you can get with a quality starter kit.


There are three main components of an e-cigarette which are vaporizing chamber, lithium battery and cartridge that contains the e juice or liquid nicotine.


Lastly, you can easily find tutorials that will teach you how to use an e-cigarette.