Introducing the Survey

The DigiLit Framework

This presentation introduces the main themes within the framework and survey.

There are six key theme areas within the framework, referred to as strands. These were developed in consultation with schools and external experts, and through a review of the literature and existing frameworks addressing digital literacy. The framework and survey were developed to support both the strategic and practical requirements of the City Council and schools.


Interactive Framework Content

For those wishing to explore the content of the survey, this interactive PDF allows you to click through each framework strand and view the content for each level (as well as a link to external resources)

digilit image on background


The Digilit Survey Walkthrough

This video provides a short walkthrough to enable staff to take a look at what the survey entails, before giving it a go.

n.b. Whilst the welcome page has since changed (with further instructions for staff retaking the survey) the remainder of the survey is unchanged for this recording.


Promoting the Survey

DigiLit Leicester Flyer

DigiLit Leicester Themes Poster

DigiLit Leicester Theme Details Poster

This collection of flyer and posters are designed to raise awareness about the project – why not put them up in your staffroom or other communal staff areas?

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